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Quite obviously the most popular ceremonies I perform are wedding ceremonies. From the moment you decide that I am the celebrant for you I will ensure all the legal elements of your wedding are in place and advise you and assist you to make your special day a memorable occasion for you, your families and your invited guests.

There are many, many ways in which you can choose to celebrate your wedding day. I am sure there are some that even I haven't thought of yet! But you can be assured that with my assistance, the majority of your ideas (there is no way am I claiming ALL of them) can become a reality.

There are obviously several legal elements to your wedding. These must be taken care of under Australian law.

  • At least one month and one day prior to your wedding day we need to complete a 'Notice of Intent to Marry' form.
  • I need to ensure that both of you are at least 18 years of age.
  • At your wedding, the two of you, two adult witnesses and I must sign your wedding certificates; and
  • There are also some specific words that must be spoken at your wedding that indicate that I am allowed under Australian law to marry you, and also demonstrate that you intend to enter your marriage for life.

Apart from that the rest is up to you. It can last 4 minutes or 40 depending on the content you have in mind. You can include members of your family and/or friends with readings or poems. You can even include ceremonies or rituals that have particular meaning to the two of you. It is up to you.

My role is to make sure we take care of all the legal elements of your wedding. Assist you with the planning of your ceremony and then to help you enjoy it all as it unfolds on the day.

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Naming Days

A naming day is a non-religious way for you, your family and your friends to welcome a child into your family. It can take place at any point in a persons life and if you wish can involve prayer and readings but being non-religious it leaves your child to chose his or her own path later in life.

As parents you can use this opportunity in front of family and friends to affirm your intent toward your child as he or she grows, while also inviting other adults or mentors to 'step up' and take an active role in your child's future.

A naming day is not a legal ceremony in any way however it is a joyous way to show your commitment, and that of your family and friends, towards the future of your children).

It is a wonderful way celebrate the birth of your child.

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Re-affirmation or Re-commitment Ceremonies

As a Marriage Celebrant I must tell you that it is illegal for two people already married, to marry again. Even, if you intend only to marry each again, to show the world how much you are still in love.

Having said that, it is perfectly legal for you to go through a re-affirmation or re-commitment ceremony to once again celebrate your love.

It will not have any legal status but it is a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday and can be even more special because this time (often) your children are there to share the day with you.

Because it has no legal standing, there are no legal elements to the ceremony. It is entirely up to you how it will be conducted, where it will take place and who will be involved.

Another time you might wish to celebrate like this would be if you originally married at a location and time where many family and friends could not attend, and now wish to celebrate again with the people who mean the most to you.

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